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World War 2

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Amatuer Radio QSL Cards

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Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program (POBSP)

Pacific Bird Observer-07-1967.pdf

From 1963 to 1969, the Smithsonian Institute sent researchers to many of the smaller and often uninhabited islands of the Pacific, to record the…

Maps & Diagrams

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A collection of maps and diagrams, dating back to the 1800's, from various public and private organizations.

Bob Krauss on Palmyra

A 1979 09 17 A1.pdf

Four part series on Palmyra, written by then columnist for the Honolulu Advertiser, Bob Krauss.

Nature Conservancy Archives

Honolulu Magazine-Jan 1984.pdf

These materials have been donated to the Nature Conservancy, and are included in the archive with their permission. Most are personal effects of…

Legend of the Esperanza


These articles chronicle the legend of the wreck of the pirate ship Esperanza, whose treasure was said to be buried on Palmyra. By all accounts the…

Line Islands Experiment

Bob James, Jim Maynard, EJZ, and Steve Cox.jpg

These items represent Palmyra's role in the Line Islands Experiment, described in its summary report as follows: "In 1967 NCAR (National Center for…

Air Force Research Plane Vanishes in 1971


In June of 1971, on a return flight from observing French atomic tests in the Pacific, an Air Force C135 and her crew of 24 men (12 military, 12…

Captain William J Weisbarth


Palmyra has had its share of visiting captains over the years, many of them with stories told in books, magazines, newspapers, and other histories. …

James R. Carter Collection


James R. Carter was a Naval Photographer's Assistant, stationed on Palmyra during World War 2. Born in 1925, Carter tried twice to enlist but was…

Executive Orders


Presidential Executive Orders are generally defined as, "orders issued by United States Presidents and directed towards officers and agencies of the…

World War 2 War Diaries


During wartime, Naval stations keep daily logs of base activities. For Palmyra, this generally consisted of arrivals and departures, with the…

Photographs from Dr. James Maragos

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These 4 photo collections represent the larger work of Dr. James Maragos and his various to trips to Palmyra. Over the course of his career…

Lottery Scandal


In 1965, a group of men setup the American Sweepstakes Corporation and leased 6 acres of Palmyra. They intended to use the atolls international status…

CAA Colony


From 1948 to 1949, a few dozen American families, around 100 people in total, lived and worked on Palmyra under the employ of the Civil Aeronautics…

Fish Story Articles


This 4 part article series, written by prominent Hawaiian Lorrin Thurston, covered the events of his recent trip to Palmyra.

Thurston owned the…

Secret Mission of the USS West Virginia

Cooper Letter to Gov Hawaii-1912.pdf

In 1912, the USS West Virginia was dispatched by the Navy to plant a US flag on Palmyra, and thereby resolve any confusion or disputes about the…