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A collection of maps and diagrams, dating back to the 1800's, from various public and private organizations.

Items in the Maps & Diagrams Collection

Naval Diagram of Landing Areas
This diagram, scanned from declassified material, shows the designated airplane and seaplane landing zones during the wartime occupation.

Photo Collection: Public Warning of Nuclear Tests
Images taken from several newspapers, showing the public warning information issued by the military during Project Dominic to keep privately owned boats and aircraft out of harm's way, and away from the islands involved in the tests, including…

Oceania Map from The Pocket Atlas of the World
This full map of Oceania at the time includes Palmyra and the rest of the Line Islands as known at the time. Very interesting example of navigation tools from the time.

US Hydrographic Office Map of Palmyra from 1897
This map, based on material from the visit of the USS Portsmouth in 1874 and later material in 1897, was the primary resource used for navigating to and around Palmyra up until the US Navy took possession of the atoll in 1939 and significantly…

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