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These materials have been donated to the Nature Conservancy, and are included in the archive with their permission. Most are personal effects of residents and visitors. Anything used as part of that collection still under copyright has been included with the publisher's permission.


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Photo Collection: French Yachtie Visitors
In 1984, a group of yachties (leisure sailors who often visit uninhabited or sparsely populated islands) stayed on Palmyra, and were given a guided tour by none other than world famous sailor Bernard Moitessier. There are several significant photos…

Photo Collection: Palmyra under the CAA
For several years, starting in 1948, a small colony of Americans lived on Palmyra under the employ of the CAA (forerunner of the FAA). These photos show the daily life of those residents, including a Christmas gathering, their makeshift "Main…

Palmyra Island School Graduate Certificate for Eugene Norton

Department of Instruction, Territory of Hawaii
Grammar School Certificate
This is to certify that Eugene Gregg Norton has fulfilled the requirements for graduating from the Public Schools of Hawaii at the Palmyra Island School and is awarded this…

Magazine Article: The Perils of Palmyra

Photo Caption: Palmyra's public bath (left) wasn't private enough for the author's taste, but quiet was easier to find there than on the old Navy airstrip (right), which had become home for thousands…

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