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Boobie in Nest

Nesting Boobie, taken during the Line Island Experiments in 1967

It takes a lot of work to research, organize, and maintain our archive, not to mention the storage, curation, and hosting that goes along with it.  Much of our materials come from donations and freely available resources, but there are a number of items stored in places such as the National Archives and private collections, which deserve to be publicly available.

These include things like photographs, maps, military records and sailor's logs, most of which haven't been seen since they were put in storage. To obtain copies of these materials and digitize them requires funding for hiring researchers and transcribers near the source material.  100% of any donations to the Palmyra Archive will go towards this purpose, so that we can continue to add new and exciting items about Palmyra, preserving them digitally to share with future generations.

The archive will always be open and public, regardless of whether we receive any outside funding, but we hope you'll consider joining us in furthering the preservation of Palmyra's past!


Sponsorship Opportunties

Want to see your personal, corporate, or organizational logo on the home page of the archive, and in our monthly newsletter?  We're always looking for recurring sponsorship to fund our ongoing research projects.  If you're interested in partnering with us on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, please contact us and let us know.  We would love to partner with you, and share with others your generous support!

We partner with Paypal to accept donations.  It's fast, secure, and reliable.  Just click the Donate button below, specify your amount and payment method, and it takes care of the rest!  Thanks again for your generosity!