Newspaper Article: Weisbarth Party Finds its Haven

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Newspaper Article: Weisbarth Party Finds its Haven


Article reports of Captain William Weisbarth and his family reaching their destination in the GIlberts, where he planned to retire. Weisbarth was well known, and this article makes clear there were regular inquiries on the result of their trip.



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Captain William Weisbarth, the hardy mariner, who left here on June 5 with his family and a crew of two Gilbert Islanders in the twenty-eight-foot ketch Teoti on a journey of nearly 3000 miles to the South Seas, arrived safely at Butaritorio in the Gilbert Islands on September 7. News of the fearless party was brought to Honolulu yesterday on the Sonoma in a letter to Charles J. Cooper of the local customs force from a resident in the South Seas.

A friend in writing to Mr. Cooper from Nitunau, stated that Captain Weisbarth and his adventurous band arrived at that island early in September. He stated that the trip from Palmyra Island, in that group, had been a pleasant and uneventful one, and after a brief run ashore and laying in a fresh supply of food. Weisbarth proceeded the same day to Butaritori.

Excluding Captain Weisbarth, there were seven passengers and a dog aboard the Teoti when she left this harbor for her long voyage to the South Seas. The vessel itself was built by Captain Weisbarth during his spare time at his home in Kalihi. She was spoken once after leaving here by a tramp steamer near the equator.

At that time Captain Weisbarth reported all well aboard and asked for nothing other than the correct time in order to adjust his chronometer. It is the intention of the hardy mariner to pass his declining years in the peace and quiet of the atolls of the South Pacific, far from the cares and troubles of a busy work-a-day world.

News of his safe arrival in this haven of rest will be welcome to the many friends that his well-known skipper left behind him in Hawaii.

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