Photo Collection: Nuclear Feasibility Study

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Photo Collection: Nuclear Feasibility Study


In 1979, a small group of government researchers and officials covertly flew to Palmyra on a classified mission to asses the feasibility of storing nuclear material on the atoll. The group encountered difficulties with their aircraft along the way, and despite efforts to maintain secrecy, the plan was revealed to the press, and Palmyra's owners. An official report was created (available in the archive here), but the plan was abandoned as the owners worked to fight the proposal, and public opinion was firmly against the idea.

These photos represent the only known visual record of the trip, and were all taken by Dr. James Maragos. He would go on to be one of Palmyra's biggest and most important proponents and protectors.

These photos are one of 4 collections in the archive.


Dr. James Maragos


Nature Conservancy, Hawaii




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Dr. James Maragos, “Photo Collection: Nuclear Feasibility Study,” Palmyra Archive, accessed December 15, 2018,


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