Official Denies Lottery Seeks the 'Quick Buck'

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Official Denies Lottery Seeks the 'Quick Buck'


Detailed account of the foiled plans for an illegal lottery to be based on Palmyra. Gives some excellent details, including how the lottery would be structured and the poorly laid plans to create a non-profit front, based on the American Cancer Society, so profits could be "donated" to cancer research.



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PASADENA, Los Angeles — UPI — Robert W. Wilson, president of the American Sweepstakes Corporation, has denied his plan for a world wide multi million dollar lottery on Palmyra Island in the Pacific Ocean is a "quick buck operation.”

Wilson declared at a press conference his plan "is legal" and that 25 per cent of the lottery's gross earnings would go to cancer research.

The money would be granted to a research organization — the American Cancer Research Foundation — which is being formed. A spokesman said the bylaws and names of directors will be filed tomorrow with Secretary of State Frank Jordan in Sacramento.

Wilson said 80 per cent of the remaining money would be paid to holders of winning tickets. For each million dollars in the lottery there would be a first prize of $140,000. second prize of $50,000, third prize of $25,000 and additional prizes.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles the American Cancer Society said it is considering legal action to prevent promoters of a worldwide lottery from using the society's symbol, the Sword of Hope.

The society objected because tickets intended to benefit the "American Cancer Research Foundation" carry an imprint of the American Cancer Society symbol — a sword — although the sword on the ticket is face down. The cancer society symbol is a sword pointed up.

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