Photo Collection: Harry Setzer

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Photo Collection: Harry Setzer


These photos were taken by Naval Photographer Harry Setzer during May and June of 1944, while he was visiting Palmyra on his tour through the Pacific with USN Scouting Squadron VS-47. They feature several very unique images:

1. Actress and Singer Helen Talbot visiting and fishing the atoll as part of her USO Tour. This is the only known visit to Palmyra by any USO tour, and was undocumented until we purchased these photos.

2. Native workers from nearby islands (likely Fanning or Gilbert) assisting with daily activities.

Special thanks to John Bade for not only selling us the images but providing background on their origin.


Harry Setzer


May, 1944


Public Domain



Harry Setzer, “Photo Collection: Harry Setzer,” Palmyra Archive, accessed March 21, 2019,

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