Magazine Photo of Man Observing Birds on Palmyra

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Magazine Photo of Man Observing Birds on Palmyra


Unfortunately, all we know of this photo is that it comes from a 1925 issue of Mid-Pacific magazine.  The caption reads:

"Life pursuing life. The birds of Palmyra live on larger fish that devour the smaller species, and they in their turn live on still smaller fish that eat minute animalculae of the ocean that subsist on the still smaller plankton or almost infinitesimal animal life food of the ocean."

By this time, Palmyra was regularly visited by adventurous pleasure cruises from Hawaii, so its likely the photo was taken during such a visit, and submitted to the magazine. Interest in Palmyra had recently spiked, as it was mentioned as a potential site for international peace talks to occur. That never came to fruition, but a number of articles were written about the topic at the time, and made the atoll all that more interesting for those willing to brave the 1,000 mile journey.


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“Magazine Photo of Man Observing Birds on Palmyra,” Palmyra Archive, accessed September 25, 2020,


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