Photos from Journal of Two Journeys

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Photos from Journal of Two Journeys


Journal of Two Journeys is "a record of the deeds of the men of the Fifth Naval Construction Battalion. " These kinds of collections were common after the end of World War 2, usually published by members through Navy Resources, collecting photographs, stories, quotes, and other materials related to the group or battalion's activities.

The first detachment of the Fifth Battalion arrived on Palmyra on July 24th, 1942, the second following not long after on August 5th. They lived and worked on Palmyra for almost a year, returning to Pearl Harbor on April 25th, 1943. They were responsible for a variety of projects, primarily constructing the larger buildings and facilities.

Many of the building foundations they laid still exist, and have been reused over the years for new projects.

These photos are especially helpful at highlighting how things were built on Palmyra, and what methods were used. I highly recommend you read through the full document to appreciate not only the efforts on Palmyra, but in the many other places the Fifth Battalion operated as well.



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