Issue of the Coral Chronicle

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Issue of the Coral Chronicle


We know very little about this two page newsletter from May of 1945, titled the "Coral Chronicle". Based on its source and content, our best guess is that it was put together by Navy members stationed on Palmyra during World War 2, and distributed around the atoll. We haven’t found any record of it in other materials, or any other copies, so its possible this is the last surviving issue.

Most of the content describes world events from the time, related to the war (Himmler's Suicide, offensives against Japan, Baseball scores, etc). Towards the end is a small section on events around Palmyra, detailing the results of a baseball game between teams called the “Communicators” and the “Suppliers”, as well as the movie of the day, and a request that any organ players assist with Sunday Service.

This very unique document was generously donated by the family of Edward O’Brien, who served in the Coast Guard during the war and spent time on Palmyra. We know Edward enlisted at the age of 27, and was a Connecticut State Trooper before and after he served in the military. We’re very grateful to his family for sharing this document with us!


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Baseball (Palmyra League)

“C” Div 11 - “S” Div 0

The Communicators swamped the Suppliers in a rather one-sided game Friday Afternoon.

“C” Div -
Wendall, Hambly, Stanley, Evans, Widilick, Langenberger, Abadie, Galmar, Hagle, Hittman, Pettigrew
“S” Div -
Hardy, Conway, Durkin, Forrara, Neuman, Cook, Ward, Murray, Spengler, Dunker

Movie today - “Wilson” with Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Tom Connely - Note - only 2 shows today - 1400 & 1915 ONLY
This picture is very highly rated and got many attendance records in the states.
NOTICE - It would be appreciate if one or more men who can play the organ would contact the Chaplain. An organist is needed for Sunday service.
-Lost, pair of sun glasses by CB working at Ships Store-Chaplain Off.



US Navy, “Issue of the Coral Chronicle,” Palmyra Archive, accessed September 25, 2020,


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