Fighting Hawaii

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Fighting Hawaii


This magazine from 1943, showcases the military branches as they were operating in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific, with specific focus on their daily routines and activities. Much of the publication is advertisements for local Hawaiian businesses, and gives the reader a deep sense of how life was lived during the war.

Several photos from the Marines' section were taken on Palmyra, and show the marines in very candid activities. While they're not labeled as being from the atoll (which would have been classified at the time), we were able to confirm the location thanks to letters sent home by a USMCR Lt. Leo Jesse McLoskey (as seen standing next to the tank, with a "Lei" of ammunition). In his many letters, he mentions being in this issue, and other details of the photos.

We're incredibly grateful to Leo's family for sharing his history with us, and helping us find this very unique and very special document! While only a few of the pages showcase Palmyra, I highly encourage you to look through the magazine in its entirety, as it offers a wealth of unique images and stories from World War 2.


David Dessaru


Edwin H. Mookini Library




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