Photo Collection: French Yachtie Visitors

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Photo Collection: French Yachtie Visitors


In 1984, a group of yachties (leisure sailors who often visit uninhabited or sparsely populated islands) stayed on Palmyra, and were given a guided tour by none other than world famous sailor Bernard Moitessier. There are several significant photos in the collection, including those showing Moitessier starting a fire, snorkeling with manta ray, and weaving with palm fronds. The photos offer a rare picture of Palmyra during a decade when it received far fewer documented visitors and residents than before.

While the names of all the vistors are unknown, one man and woman are called Renee and Nene, and arrived on their boat Romeo.


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Bernard Moitessier swimming with manta rays in one of Palmyra's lagoon
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“Photo Collection: French Yachtie Visitors,” Palmyra Archive, accessed July 19, 2018,


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