Photo Collection: Operation Grapple

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Photo Collection: Operation Grapple


Operation Grapple (Operation Dovecot in the US) was Britain's first nuclear weapons test in the Pacific. These photos show the US 6th Weather Squadron during their testing procedures and activities, as they tracked the environmental effects of the blasts.


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"Bonus" flights carrying VIPs helped carry additional supplies to the camp.jpg
Aerial view of Palmyra - Camp to right of picture cannot be seen.jpg
Aerial view showing runway as aircraft enters final approach.jpg
Aerial view with campsite at center. Inlet channel at top right.jpg
Awaiting arrival of an aircraft. Personnel stood by for immediate offloading.jpg
Crash boat was used by all personnel for recreation purposes.jpg
Distilled water was produced by this portable unit and stored in trailers.jpg
Fishing parties were common at Palmyra. MGen Todd (2nd from left) visited for a day of fishing.jpg
Interior of the homing beacon.jpg
Maintenance work area for both weather and AACS equipment.jpg
Radio homer beacon for Palmyra. Generator on left powered the beacon facility.jpg
Radio vans AN:GRC-26 were established to provide communications and MB-5 power units provided power for the island.jpg
Stand-by homing beacon located at transmitter site.jpg
The two cooks were A1c Robert Couran and SSgt Blount Bunn. They provided very adequate meals.jpg
This building was the Palmyra mess hall, the recreation hall and all purpose meeting place.jpg
This building was used as a barracks and sectioned off into rooms. Hot and cold water were available.jpg
Tower was used as homer beacon early in project but problems cause beacon to be moved.jpg
Weathermen A2C Donald Fisher, A2C Robert Slupikowski and A2C Karl Doughty are working up a run.jpg
Weather station release site with AN:GMD-1A rawinsonde and inflation shelter in background.jpg


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