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The archive hopes to include and offer exceptional coverage of all events in the atoll's first 200 years of discovered history, but Palmyra's story doesn't end there. In fact, since it's purchase by the Nature Conservancy in 2000, there have been a number of truly wonderful events and discoveries on the islands. Conservation efforts have been working to remove chemicals, materials, and unexploded ordinance left from the war, remove invasive species of plants and animals, and even build sustainable energy sources to eliminate the need for fossil fuel powered generators.

I highly recommend following the efforts of the Palmyra Nature Conservancy team. They've spent the years since Palmyra's purchase working hard to restore its natural beatuy.

The Palmyra department of the Island Conservation organization as well, are actively working to make Palmyra last for future generations.

Thanks to groups like these, Palmyra has an incredible future to look forward to, where its natural habitats can succeed, and its wonders can be studied and shared with generations to come.