Since its discovery in 1802, Palmyra has been a point of study and fascination for explorers, scientists, authors, property developers, pleasure sailors, hermits and everyone in between. The sources below come from a variety of repositories, and all either mention, or are specifically about, Palmyra. Enjoy exploring and learning more about the atoll’s diverse past!

Scientific Studies and Journals

TitleDate PublishedOriginal Publication
A Case of Fish Poisoning from Caranx ignobilis Forskål from Palmyra Island1955-08-19American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
A Review of Ciguatera, Tropical Fish Poisoning, with a Tentative Explanation of its Cause1958-01-01Bulletin of Marine Science
Annual report of the Hawaiian Historical Society1934Bishop Museum Bulletin
Catalogue Of Meteorological Data Obtained During The Line Islands Experiment1967-04University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Catastrophic Human Interference with Coral Atoll Ecosystems1968-01Geography
Changes in palmyra atoll and its vegetation through the activities of man, 1913-19581959Pacific Naturalist, Vol 1, Num 2
Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Line Islands1985-05Atoll Research Bulletin
Conservation Status of Birds of Central Pacific Islands1973-03The Wilson Bulletin
Contributions to the natural history of the Hawaiian and Fanning Islands and Lower California, made in connection with the United States North Pacific Surveying Expedition, 1873-751877Bulletin of the United States Natural Museum
Crustacea From Palmyra and Fanning Islands1923Bishop Museum Bulletin
Cypraeidae from American Samoa with Notes on Species from Palmyra Island1939-01The Nautilus, Vol 52
Geological and Geochemical Data for Seamounts and Associated Ferromanganese Crusts in and near the Hawaiian, Johnston Island, and Palmyra Island Exclusive Economic Zones1985US Dept of Int
How to assess environmental impacts on tropical islands and coastal areas1989-10Environment and Policy Institute
Insects and Other Invertebrates from Palmyra Atoll and Christmas Islands1952Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entemological Society, Vol 15, Num 1
Line islands Experiment Survey Trip Report1966-12National Center for Atmosphereic Research
Live-bait fishing for tuna in the central Pacific1953NOAA
Marine algae from Palmyra Island with special reference to the feeding habits and toxicology of reef fishes1955Alan Hancock Foundation Publication, Occasional Paper, Number 17
Marine Rafts Show Promise in Luring Fish1978-04Marine Fisheries Review
Notes on Oedemeridae in Hawaii and Palmyra1939Hawaiian Entomological Society
Notes on Pandanus in the Line Islands1968-06University of Malaya
Notes on the biology of the wahoo in the line islands1956-10-01Pacific Science
Pacific forms of Lepturus R. Br. (Gramineae)1955-08-29Occasional Papers of Bishop Museum
Palmyra Island with a Description of its Flora1916-04College of Hawaii Publicactions, Bulletin No. 4
Power Density Spectrum Of Surface Wind Speed On Palmyra Island1970-01Monthly Weather Review
Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society1950-03Hawaiian Entomological Society
Radiation Measurements Over The Equatorial Central Pacific1970-11Monthly Weather Review
Rawinsonde Data Obtained During The Line Islands Experiment1971-02National Center for Atmosphereic Research
Report on an Investigation of Poisonous and Venomous Fishes at Palmyra Island, Line Islands1953-05-06Office of Naval Research
Scientific results of the world cruise of the yacht “Alva”1934-10-1Bulletin of the Vanderbilt Marine Museum, Vol V
Some Account of the Natural History of the Fanning Group of Islands1877-02The American Naturalist, Vol 11, Num 2
Staff Notes Issue 461967-05-05National Center for Atmosphereic Research
The Fishes of the George Vanderbilt South Pacific expedition, 19371938Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
The Templeton Crocker Expedition to Western Polynesian and Melanesian Islands1935-10-23Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences
Vegetation of Pacific Equatorial Islands1927Erling Christophersen
The Palmyra Atoll Digital Archive2018Hawaiian Journal of History
A Review on the Use of Live Baitfishes to Capture Skipjack Tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, in the Tropical Pacific Ocean With Emphasis on Their Behavior, Survival, and Availability1977NOAA Technical Report,+Katsuwonus+pelamis,+in+the+Tropical+Pacific+Ocean+With+Emphasis+on+Their+Behavior,+Survival,+and+Availability&source=bl&ots=Ag37LfqGh7&sig=ACfU3U3PUky9Xz2ZRC4NJAP5gJ2eMBbcbQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiy8brl-7fwAhXHZc0KHQuYDAgQ6AEwAnoECAMQAw#v=onepage&q=Review%20on%20the%20Use%20of%20Live%20Bait%20Fishes%20to%20Capture%20Skipjack%20Tuna%2C%20Katsuwonus%20pelamis%2C%20in%20the%20Tropical%20Pacific%20Ocean%20With%20Emphasis%20on%20Their%20Behavior%2C%20Survival%2C%20and%20Availability&f=false
Explorations by MV Oregon1949-03Commercial Fisheries Review
Survey of Contemporary Knowledge of Biogeochemistry1950Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History
Research on ciguatera in the tropical Pacific1964Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute
Poisonous Fishes and Ichthyosarcotox-ISM: Their Relationship to the Armed Forces1954-02US Armed Forces Medical Journal
Fanning Island Expedition1971-04University of Hawai’i Press
General notes on South Pacific Island Groups1920United States National Museum
Marine biotoxins: II. The extraction and partial purification of ciguatera toxin from Lutjanus bohar1961-09Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
Shoreline Changes and Sediment Redistribution at Palmyra Atoll (Equatorial Pacific Ocean): 1874-Present2009-05Coastal Research
Notes on Migrations and Straggling Birds1944-04The Elepaio

Military Studies and Reports

TitleDate PublishedBranch
The Cruise of the Flying Cow1943US Marine Corp
National Implications of Storing Nuclear Waste in the Pacific Regions1982-01-11National Defense University
Operation Dominic I Report1983-02-01US Dept of Defense
Cosponsored Line Islands Experiment Collects Weather Data1967-04Army Research and Development magazine
Hearings before the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack1946United States Congress
History of U.S. Marine Corps operations in World War II1989US Marine Corp
Oceanography: A Report Bibliography1963-05Document Defense Center
Marine Defense Battalions, 1939 – 1942: Their contributions in the early phases of WW21996Civilian Publication
Muster Roll for NAS Palmyra, 10/1/45 – 8/1/461946US Navy
Crew Muster Roll for NAS Palmyra, 4/1/44-9/1/461946US Navy

Newspaper Articles

Article TitleDateNewspaper
Addition to the Hawaiian Domain1862-06-21Polynesian
Tales of a Vast Buried Treasure1903-08-21The Professional World
Weisbarth is Planning a Palmyra Expedition1904-09-01Hawaiian Star
Judge Cooper off for Pirates’ Treasure Isle of Palmyra1911-07-19Honolulu Advertiser
Girls Call Mere Man Unnecessary, Maids Plan an Adamless Eden1916-03-02Honolulu Advertiser
It’s a Pioneer Life at the Copra Plantation, pg 11979-10-17Honolulu Advertiser
It’s a Pioneer Life at the Copra Plantation, pg 21979-10-17Honolulu Advertiser
Philosophical on Fish Diet1955-01-09Sydney Morning Herald
Priceless Treasures of the Incas may be Buried on Island in Palmyras1923-04-14Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Grand Jury Indicts Three Lottery Promoters pg 11965-04-01Los Angeles Times
Grand Jury Indicts Three Lottery Promoters pg 21965-04-01Los Angeles Times
Announcement of Palmyra’s Discovery1805-12The Naval Chronicle
The Henry James Castaways1888-07-30The Press
Mrs. Leo Sailing For Mainland; To Sell Palmyra Is.1926-10-25Honolulu Advertiser
Former Palmyra Resident Describes Island in Detail1947-01-07Honolulu Advertiser
Salvage Workers Busy on Palmyra, Skipper Reports1951-11-23Honolulu Advertiser
Palmyra Hermit’s Thoughts Interrupted by Yacht, Plane1953-09-23Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Savio Makes Plans for Island of Palmyra1995-02-21Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Mai Fisherman Plans to Start Palmyra Biz1995-04-28Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Palmyra Island Sale Mired in Competing Claims pt 11996-05-06Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Palmyra Island Sale Mired in Competing Claims pt 21996-05-06Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Palmyra Island is For Sale1987-01-11Honolulu Star-Bulletin
US Senate May Fight Palmyra Dump Plan1996-07-31Honolulu Advertiser
Buried Treasure pt 11947-02-23Sunday Polynesian
Buried Treasure pt 21947-02-23Sunday Polynesian
Weather Man2006-04-30Alamogordo Daily News
Sharks that Bite like Dogs Found in Palmyra Seas1927-05-10Honolulu Star-Bulletin
American Polynesia: Palmyra Island1940-07-08Honolulu Advertiser
Judge Cooper’s Island is Productive of Fierce Crabs1912-11-02Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Magazine Articles

Hawaii from the Air1921-05
Castaway’s and their influence on Population1901-12
The Palmyra Islands1922-01
Correspondence from William Jacob1805-12
Die Insel Palmyra und der Panamakanal1912
Pacific Island Islets Pertaining to the United States1918
An International Congress Ground in Hawaii1930-10
Pan Pacific Union Meetings1936-01
Flying over South Sea Isles1922-02
Lanikai Voyage1935-07
My Palmyra1915-11
Palmyra Offered to Pan Pacific Union1925-02
Pan Pacific Union Mention1925-02
South Sea Island Cruise1925-05
Three Men on an Island1921-01
Sooty Terns Breeding on Palmyra1967-06
Common and Hawaiian Noddies1966-03
Tuna Prove Coy Around Palmyra1954-10
Reply to Palmyra: Polynesian Paradise1962-11
De Luxe Plan for Palmyra1962-09
Palmyra, PAA’s Proposed New Base1941-10
Another Attempt to put Palmyra on the Map1956-05
The Birds and Fishes of Palmyra1979-10
Palmyra Eyed for Russian Plutonium1996-07
The Original Annexationist1922-08
Report of card found in bottle1886-05-21
Birds on Palmyra1925-04
Kingman Reef/Palmyra Atoll DxPedition2000-09
Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll2000-08


76th CBMU Cruisebook1945US Navy Seabee Museum
A Directory for the Navigation of the Pacific Ocean: Part II1851Alexander G FindlayLondon : R. H. Laurie
Builders for Battle1946David O WoodburyE.P. Dutton and Co
Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls1988Edward LeslieHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
Dr. Judd, Hawaii’s Friend: A biography of Gerrit Parmele Judd, 1803-18731960Gerrit Parmele JuddHonolulu Univ. of Hawaii Press
Flight, Camera, Action2014Douglas E. CampbellDouglas E. Campbell
God’s Yankee Rebels1987Mel GoolsbyPioneer Printing
History of U.S. Army on Palmyra Island1944US Army
Howard Hitchcock: Islander1987Helen Hitchcock MaxonTopgallant Pub. Co
Isles of Amnesia2016Mark RauzonLatitude 20
John Cameron’s Odyssey1928Andrew FarrellThe Macmillan Company
Journal of Two Journeys1945Army and Navy Pictoral Publication
Kawabunga’s South Seas Adventure1999Charles DewellSouth Seas Publishers
Ocean Outposts1942Helen FollettC. Scribner’s Sons
Pacific Islands Handbook1944RW RobsonThe Macmillan Company
Sailing Directions for the Pacific Islands, Vol III1952US Navy Hydrographic Office
Palmyra, a study of the traffic and spending potential1963W R Faris
PanAm Private Cable Codes1936Pan Am Airways
Pearls of the Pacific1876JW Boddam-WhethamHurst and Blackett
Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 18491851Edward LucettLongman, Brown, Green, and Longmans
Scripps Stories: Days to Remember1993Kittie Kerr Kuhns and Betty ShorScripps Institute
Seabees: Where they Worked and Fought in WW21945Roy S. GeigerUS Naval Contruction Battalion
Seaman’s Guide to the Islands of the North Pacific1870WH RoserJames Imray and Son;view=1up;seq=5
Seismic Summer2006Marge BradnerScripps Institute
Stewart’s Handbook of the Pacific Islands1919Percy S Allen
The Biogeochemistry of Vertebrate Excretion1950George Evelyn Hutchinson
The King Bee: A Biography of Admiral Ben Moreell2011A. Olsen
The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs1874Charles Darwin
The Templeton Crocker Expedition to Western Polynesian and Melanesian Islands1935Alvin Seale
Uncle Sam’s Pacific Islets1944David N. Leff
United States Exploring Expedition v.23 Hydrography1861Charles S. Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition Geology1849James Dwight Dana
Voyages and Discoveries in the South Seas, 1792-18321833Edmund Fanning
Voyages Round the World1833Edmund Fanning
Tugboat to Palmyra Atoll2020Ross E Rockstad
Poisonous and Venomous Marine Animals of the World: Vertebrates, Volume 21967Bruce W. HalsteadUS Goverment Printing Office
MacDonald’s Choice2019Dr. John LittleIndependent
Dangerous Marine Animals1959Bruce W. HalsteadCornell Maritime Press
Oceanography: A Report Bibliography1963Document Defense Center
Building for War: The Epic Saga of the Civilian Contractors and Marines of Wake Island in World War II2014Bonita GilbertPhiladelphia
Big Surf, Deep Dives and the Islands: My Life in the Ocean1998Ricky GriggEditions Limited
Beachheads secured: the history of patrol torpedo boats, their bases and tenderships of World War II2012Harold L. BarbinXlibris
Birds of Palmyra1944George C. MunroTong Publishing Co
Tropic landfall: the Port of Honolulu1942Clifford GesslerDoubleday, Doran & company, inc.

Websites & Other

Hawaii Reports: Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii, Volume 21Legal ReportHawaii Supreme Court
U.S. Insular Areas: Application of the U.S. ConstitutionLegal ReportUS General Accounting Office
Kingman Reef Atoll Investments v United StatesLegal ReportUS Court of Federal Crimes
Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Project MaterialLog books, photos, reportsSmithsonian
Line Islands Experiment PhotographsPhotosNational Center for Atmosphereic Research
Landing accident involving a Buffalo aboard USS Long Island, off PalmyraPhotosWWII Database
Various PhotosPhotosHawaii State Archives
Line Islands Exp. RecordsPhotosNCAR Open sky
Line Islands Exp. RecordsPhotosNCAR Archives
Operation Grapple (Dovecot) Photo GalleryPhotos6th Weather Squadron Alumni Assoication
Gail Maltby’s Klaraborg AdventuresPhotosKlaraborg History Page’s_page.htm
The Proud Goat of Aloysius PankburnStorySaturday Evening Post
Abandoned and Little Known Airfield: Western Pacific IslandsWebsite
History of Palmyra’s FlagWebsite
Palmyra Passages: Reflections from Dr. Jim Maragos’s time on the atollWebsiteOne World Journeys
USS Quail Photo ArchiveWebsiteNavSource.org
Banyandah Kingman Reef ExpeditionWebsiteJack Binder
Remembering Leo: Memorial to Captain Leo Jesse McLoskey, USMCRWebsiteRick Romine
Interview with Leslie Fullard-Leo (transcription)DocumentCenter for Oral History
Kingman Reef 2000 (Amateur Radio DxPedition)WebsiteKingman Reef/Palmyra DX Group
The Secret Files of Christmas IslandOnline ArticleAir Force Cyberspace Capabilities Center
K5P Palmyra DxPeditionVideo
Bob Krauss Research IndexWebsiteUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Islands and Anchorages in the North PacificMapBritish Hydrographic Office
Approaches to Palmyra AtollMapNOAA
Telegram Describing Rescue of Survivors on Palmyra from the bark Henry JamesDocument
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